Professional pizza chef over the age of 18 can participate in the Pizza Senza Frontiere World Championship.

You can register for the following specialities:

- Pizza in Teglia alla romana
- Pizza in Pala
- Pizza tonda al matterello
- Pizza a 4 mani su specialità romane
- Pizza a sorpresa - Mistery box
These competitions will take place on MONDAY, 25 APRIL 2022, with Associazione Pizza Romana's sponsorship.

- Pizza classica
- Pizza Napoletana
- Pizza al metro

These competitions will take place on TUESDAY 26 APRIL 2022.

- Pizza freestyle singola
- Pizza freestyle a squadre
These competitions will take place both days: on the 25th and 26th of April 2022.

Only static, rotary, ventilated electric ovens will be available for all planned specialties.

Registrations are open and will end when all available seats are filled. The sequence of competitors will be determined by the organization with live streaming draw about 10 days after the closing of the registrations. 

You can register online on the website by filling out the form. The registration will be effective only after the payment procedure by credit/debit card and PayPal. After the payment processing, the competitor will receive an e-mail from campionato@ristorazioneitalianamagazine.itconfirming the full acceptance to the Championship.


The participation fee is 80 euros + VAT for the first competition. From the second competition on, the fee for each additional competition is 70 euros + vat. Prices are particularly low only for this first edition.


From the 10th of January 2022, each competitor can register for a maximum of 2 different competitions. Pizza freestyle singola and pizza freestyle a squadre are not included (for example: a pizza chef can register for pizza classica competition, pizza in teglia competition and pizza freestyle singola competition, bringing the total number of his competitions to 3).

Furthermore, who wants to participate in the “King of pizze romane” special prize (details under SPECIAL PRIZES) can register for all 3 pizza romana competitions (teglia, pala and tonda al mattarello), but for no other additional competition.


If there are any volunteers who want to book the first, second and third competition place, they can express their preference at the moment of the registration by calling the organization number 0421/761247. There will be a bonus for the first 3 competitors of each discipline (details under COURSE OF THE COMPETITIONS).


No more than 250 total competitors are eligible for the Championship at this time.

It is possible to request the refund of the amount paid, as communicated by e-mail dated 10/02/2022, by 04/03/2022.


For “Pizza a 4 mani” and “Freestyle a squadre” specialties, the registration and the payment by one member of the team is enough. The day of the competition, when collecting the competition number, you must provide the other name(s) of the participants.

The first 10 participants of each category must enter at 9.30 a.m. and register at the Championship secretariat where the competition numbers will be delivered. The other competitors must enter from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and proceed likewise with the registration at the secretariat to collect their number. 

For latecomers there will be a penalty of:

- 15 points if they come within 1 hour late

- 30 points within the second hour late

- 50 points beyond 2 hours late


For pizza freestyle competition, the competitor must give, at the time of registration at the secretariat (and before receiving the competition number), the soundtrack of their performance on a USB flash drive. Each competitor will have 3 minutes to do their performance. A personally prepared dough is required; no rubber disc is allowed.


The entrance to the “Roma Food Excel” fair is free of charge for the competitors. Entrance procedures will be announced later.

Each competitor must bring all the ingredients for the filling of their own pizza except for the “Pizza a sorpresa - Mystery box” competition, in which the products will be provided by the organizers. Each competitor is responsible for their dough and ingredients, and when the competition ends, they must take away the dough and the ingredients left. The workstations must always be left clean. Who fails to comply with these provisions will be disqualified without the possibility of appeal.


Competitors can wear their own shirts, jackets, aprons and anything else as long as they don’t display advertisements of firms or their sponsors.


The organization will provide a space for the preparation and preservation of the products before the competition. Normal use utensils (knife, paddles, spoon) will also be provided. Other special tools must be brought by each competitor.


Dough preparation area is available:

- on Sunday, 24 April 2022 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

- on competition days, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with limited and contingent access due to Covid-19, with priority to those who must compete soon. It’s recommended to bring as ready ingredients as possible for reasons of hygiene and shortened timelines.


Each competitor can bring an assistant, but it cannot participate in the pizza preparation and cooking.

Each competitor must bring their own baking tray. The permitted formats are 60x40, 60x20 or square. Double cooking is allowed as long as it is done in the time provided for the competition (30 continuous minutes).

Each competitor must bring their own pizza peel. The length of the pizzas on the pizza peel is at the discretion of the competitor. Double cooking is allowed as long as it is done in the time provided for the competition (20 continuous minutes).

Each competitor must bring their own rolling pin, its use is mandatory.

A pizza chef and a professional cook will participate in this competition. The cook will be asked to fill out a self-certification stating that it works as a cook. The pizza chef will mainly deal with the dough and the cooking while the cook will deal with the recipe and the ingredients. The preparation of the ingredients should preferably be done in plain sight.

Induction hobs will be available for the preparations. Pans and other special tools must be brought by each competitor.

The preparation of pizza classica or napoletana is allowed with any dough. Each competitor will be provided with a mystery box with the ingredients for the competition. The competitor is free to use all or some of the ingredients at its discretion. Induction hobs will be available for the preparations. Pans and other special tools must be brought by each competitor.

The pizza classica is the round plate one, cooked directly on the oven floor.

Traditional, contemporary and STG versions of pizza napoletana are allowed.

A soft and soft Neapolitan type dough with a competition length of 50 cm is required. Double cooking is allowed as long as it is done within the time set for the competition (20 continuous minutes).

A soft and fluffy Neapolitan-type dough with a competition length of 50 cm is required. Double cooking is allowed as long as it is done in the time provided for the competition (20 continuous minutes).

The competitor’s granted time, from the time it places its products on the counter to the time it presents its pizza to the judges, is:
- 30 minutes for pizza in teglia
- 20 minutes for pizza in pala and pizza al metro
- 15 minutes for pizza a sorpresa
- 10 minutes for pizza classica, napoletana and tonda al mattarello
- 3 minutes of performance for freestyle acrobatic pizza
For pizza a 4 mani and specialità romane, time varies according to the type of pizza presented (10 minutes for pizza tonda al mattarello, 20 for pizza in pala and 30 minutes for pizza in teglia).

The first 3 competitors of each specialty (except the 2 acrobatic competitions) will receive a bonus as follows:

- 20 extra points for the 1st competitor

- 15 extra points for the 2nd competitor

- 10 extra points for the 3rd competitor


Penalties are provided for exceeding the time frame, described above, to the extent of:

- 10 points up to 1 minute late

- 20 points between 1 and 2 minutes late

- 30 points over 2 minutes late


No attempts are allowed; only 1 pizza dough can be used.

Each judge will rate pizzas giving a score from 1 to 100 for each of the 3 evaluation categories. Pizzas will be rated according to:
- cooking
- taste/combination
- pizza appearance
The judge at the ovens will give a score from 1 to 100 with respect to dexterity/ cleanliness/ handiness/ way of working etc... which will be added to the score of the judges at the tables.

The judgement of the jury is final. Objections and appeals through photos, videos or any other type of evidence are not allowed.

Any complaints can be sent to the organization by written communication only after the end of the Championship and no later than 15 days from its conclusion. The acceptance of the complaint does not imply a revision of the score given by the jury.

Awards will be given, among all the competitors registered, to the best of the following subcategories:

Pizza in rosa (woman with the best score in any of the competitions, acrobatic pizza excluded)

Emerging pizza chef (competitor under 30 – born after the 1st of January 1992 – with the best score in any of the competitions, acrobatic pizza excluded)

King of Pizze romane (competitor registered for the 3 pizza romana competitions - teglia, pala, tonda al mattarello - who has obtained the best result by adding the scores of the 3 competitions)

The winner of each category (teglia, pala, al metro, a 4 mani, mystery box, classica, napoletana and tonda al mattarello) will have right to access the 2022 TV final of the talent “Master Pizza Champion”, now in its 7th edition.

Pizza Senza Frontiere World Championship is organized according to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and to a Code of Ethics and disciplinary conduct. 


The organization reserves the right to modify this regulation in order to improve it. It is recommended to read the final version of the regulation, which can be modified at the latest by the 31st of March 2022.


The event organization reserves exclusive advertising and image rights of the participants of each category without time limits as well as the use of photographic material, video and anything else without charge or obligation to the participants themselves.


Last revision: 14/01/2022 at 10.30 a.m.