Pizza Senza Frontiere - World Pizza Champion Games

PIZZA SENZA FRONTIERE is not a Pizza World Championship ...but much more!

We decided to get out of the fray, there are too many world championships and world championships of pizza in Italy. We are:


and from our competition will come out the World Pizza Champions 2024


The champions of Pizza Senza Frontiere, in the cooking specialties provided, in addition to winning the title of World Champion and the relative trophy for each individual specialty, will be admitted directly to the MASTER PIZZA CHAMPION tv programme, first and only talent show dedicated to professional pizza makers from all over the world, now reached the 9th edition.

Becoming the winner of Master Pizza Champion, a television format broadcast on Sky, means being "the champion of the champions" absolute in the world.

Pizza senza Frontiere would like to become the house of all pizza makers, of every nation and culture, where, in joy, friendship and serenity, starting from the certainty of being treated all in the same way, having each one the same chances of victory, one can compete serenely and to create an ideal Girotondo, holding everyone by the hand, in friendship, in peace, without wars and hatred.

This is pizza, universal dish and a tool of peace, that is: PIZZA SENZA FRONTIERE


Sign up at Pizza Senza Frontiere, you could become the next world champion in your category and, without paying additional registration fees try to become the "champion of the champions" with Master Pizza Champion. The races will be the classic ones and many others, new and unpublished, following the modern trend of consumption outside the home in the world of HO.RE.CA.

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